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Quality Dentures in Windsor

Missing or decayed teeth can affect your self-confidence and quality of life. If you are looking for tooth restorations that will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your smile, dentures can help. At Little River Dental, we provide quality dentures to Windsor patients with multiple missing teeth. With an experienced denturist working in our practice, we have the expertise and experience to restore the appeal and function of your smile using partial or complete dentures. We'll provide personalized denture services and denture repair or relining services that cater to your unique needs.

Our dentists and denturist take the time to assess your smile and recommend denture options that suit your needs. You can expect a pleasant experience from the moment you enter our practice. We can also provide home calls for those who have difficulty visiting us in person. Contact our office today to book your initial consultation to restore your smile with partial or complete dentures in Windsor!


What Are Dentures?

Dentures are personalized dental prosthetics that replace missing or decayed teeth. They're made of tooth-colored porcelain for the teeth and a pink acrylic base that mimics your gums. Dentures can vary in design and materials depending on the needs of the individual.

With dentures from Little River Dental, you will have a set of teeth that function just like your natural teeth and allow you to chew food and speak. Additionally, dentures support your facial muscles, enabling you to maintain a more youthful appearance. Our dental experts will analyze your oral health and jaw structure to determine whether you need partial or complete dentures.

Our Comprehensive Denture Services

Our dentists have been helping patients improve their smiles with dentures for many years. You can be confident that our denture options are made using safe and natural-looking materials. Our denturist will work closely with our dentists to understand your needs and design a denture that fits comfortably and supplements your smile. We will provide dentures based on the number and location of your missing teeth.

At our dental practice, we offer a wide range of denture services to satisfy your unique needs, including:

Complete or Full Dentures: These denture options are ideal for restoring the smiles of patients who have lost all teeth. With complete dentures, our dentists can restore the entire arch of teeth missing in the lower or upper jaws or even the whole mouth. Complete dentures are removable and are held in place by suction, denture adhesive, or some combination of the two.

Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are effective if you still have some remaining teeth in their smiles. These dentures use metal or acrylic clasps that attach to nearby teeth as anchors. They keep your remaining teeth in place, preventing them from drifting out of alignment, and reduce the amount of stress and wear your natural teeth receive.

Implant-Supported Dentures: We also provide implant-supported dentures. These restorations look and feel completely natural and may be complete or partial dentures. Implant-supported dentures won't slip out of place since they are held in position by six or eight implants. They're also easy to maintain as you can brush and floss them like normal teeth.

Will Dentures Affect My Appearance?

Our dentures are fabricated to resemble your teeth as closely as possible using lifelike and durable materials. This ensures that they will blend in seamlessly with your remaining natural teeth and won't look out of place within your smile. Our denturist will design your dentures to provide a balanced look and optimal function so that you have the most comfortable and natural experience while eating, speaking, and smiling.

Who Needs Denture Services?

Anyone who has several missing or decaying teeth can get dentures. Partial dentures are used for people with few natural teeth remaining, while complete dentures are ideal for people without natural teeth. Those with sufficient jawbone density may also consider implant-supported dentures for added stability. Whichever style of dentures you decide on, you can rest assured that these restorations will improve your speech and chewing abilities and provide facial support that will enhance your smile.

Denture Relining and Repairs

Dentures in Windsor, ONIf your dentures have been damaged or no longer fit as well as they used to, you may not need a full replacement. With our repair and relining services, we can transform your current dentures to fit and function optimally within your smile once more.

It's common for dentures to start to slip or feel loose due to years of use or changes within the jaw structure. Moreover, even if you handle them carefully, accidents can still happen. Our relining service will alter the shape at the bottom of your dentures so they fit more closely to your jaw structure. Repairs can handle many kinds of denture damage, restoring them to working shape. Our team will evaluate your dentures to determine the problem and help you repair them or craft new ones if the changes are too substantial for an alteration.

Transform Your Smile With Quality Dentures in Windsor

At Little River Dental, our team is committed to helping you renew your smile and enjoy your best quality of life. We'll assist you in choosing denture options that cater to your current dental needs and smile goals. Let our skilled and knowledgeable team provide personalized denture services that deliver comfortable and long-lasting results. Contact us to schedule your appointment for Windsor dentures today!


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